Sunday, September 14, 2014

Get 150 Rs free Recharge using Coupon codes

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                     Here i will tell "how to Get 150 free recharge using coupon codes?". To get free recharge please follow these steps to get free recharge. Please do not miss any of the steps.

Get 150 Rs free Recharge using Coupon codes

Step 1:-

Copy the following lines and comment 5 different websites comments sections or comment at 10 different Facebook friend's  status bar.

"I got 150 Rs free recharge in 10 mins. Details given here "

Step 2:-

Download Freecharge app from google play by typing Freecharge in google play store search box or click here to download . After installation create free account then in the front screen enter your mobile number and select operator and enter 10 in the recharge amount. After that click on the recharge button. After that click on the skip coupon button at bottom. After that payment screen will appear. In that screen at bottom there is check box , just click on that check box and text box will appear. In that text box you  enter this coupon code FCREFFTF5JQAH and it will show you msg that you can you this code only once and you have to make payment using debit or Credit card. So i request you use debit or credit card to make 10 rupees payment. after making payment you will get 10 Rs recharge to your mobile and 50 Rs recharge to credit to your free charge account which you can use to make another 50 Rs recharge.

Now another trick:-

Just follow the step no 2 . but done not need to download and create free account this time because you have already created. Here you enter different coupon code 2030X3 and this time recharge amount will be 30 but after applying the code it will show that 10rs only and you use this code 3 times.

150 = 10 + 50 + 30 * 3 = First trick (60 Rs) + Second Trick (90 Rs)

But you have invested only 30 Rs

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Popular WordPress Themes free download for WordPress blog

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